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Repeating Group not displaying results

Hi all, I’m completely new to Bubble! It’s awesome so far. I’m developing a very custom CRM. Right now I’m designing the basic customers table. I’ve created the database, the input form and the table view for the actual UI list. I can see that it’s populating the UI with results that match my search but i cant actually see them. please see the screen shots.

Any help would be great! :grin:


Hey @joe4! Welcome to Bubble!

Do you have any text elements in the repeating group cell? Throw some in with dynamic expressions and you should see data. e.g. “Current Cell’s Customer’s First Name”

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

WOW! Thanks a Million, that was very simple :slight_smile: You’re in Denver? do you do training on Bubble?

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Awesome! Ah, I used to be in Denver - I moved earlier this year… I really need to update that. Now, I’m a bit of a digital nomad and traveling/working :slight_smile:

With that said, I do Bubble coaching full-time, all online via video/screenshare calls. If you’re interested in private sessions, you can book on my site or feel free to email me.

Also - keep posting your questions on the forum, people are super helpful here.

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haha! It’s all good. I’m down in Colorado Springs, used to live in Denver. I’ll most likely book some time with you and i will continue to post here. So far bubble is amazing! I write code in classic ASP. and have built many applications but i might have to completely switch to this!

Thanks again!:smiley:

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