Unable to view data

Hello I’m using the free version of Bubble. I am trying to send data from Database into the repeating group and have followed all the necessary steps to display it. But when I open the preview button I do not see the data but just able to see the border of the repeating group or the scrollbar. I have tried even just sending text data but nothing seems to be loading.
Please help anyone who can.

Maybe post some screenshots of how you’ve got things set up on your page, database, and RG. Otherwise there’s not much help anyone can give without knowing way more details.

Sure I will do that.

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The first image is basically the repeating group and it’s setting

The next image is showing the group that will display the information.

The text element from Database.

This is the structure in development mode

This is the preview mode.
This is the Databases.

I hope it makes the problem a little bit clear.

You haven’t set a data source for your ‘Group Scroll’ group, so there’s nothing for it to display.

Presumably you want that group to display the current cell’s Scroll, so set the data source to current cell's Scroll

Thanks I did change that after reviewing but it is still not showing attaching the screenshots here.

It could be due to your privacy settings for you Scrolls datatype.

Check the privacy settings on the Privacy tab of your app data to see if there are any privacy rules preventing the Scroll entries being shown.

Thanks a lot the Privacy setting was the reason it was not visible.

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