How to find a date range in a list of date ranges

I have one user that enters a date range which is added to his list of availabilities.
Another user is able to create a mission which is defined as below.
I would like to print the number of missions which are available for the first user that corresponds to his list of availabilities.
I tried to make a query that would give the list of missions which will be counted afterwards.

The problem is that i can’t make a check for each date inside the current user’s dispoDates list (see above).
Thank you in advance for your assistance !! :slight_smile:

Me too, and me either. I’ve created an “idea” post that you can go +1 if you want.

For now if your dataset is small enough you can check with a :filter:count. I’ll add a little tutorial in a minute.

Assuming you have a list of ranges (timeslots) and a single range (current user’s availability), and you want to pull up a list of timeslots that are contained by that availability (range).

In a repeating group, this would be your data source call:


If you want to generate a list of timeslots corresponding to a list of availabilities you have to do this:

Which works - and will be fast if you don’t have too many missions or too many availabilities.

The caveat is that you do Number of timeslots * number of availability searches and run a conditional on each. So if your dataset is large, it can take many seconds to run.


Thank you very much for your help !
Hope Bubble will integrate a feature to speed up the process :slight_smile: