How to find a RGs cell index

I know this has been discussed on the forum previously, but through all my searching and reading (and hours of trying to figure this out on my own as well) I just can’t find a solution, and I’m hoping someone knows a way.

Essentially I want to find the “Position” or “Rank” of something…

Let’s say I have a football league table. I can display the league table as a repeating group, and the Current Cell Index would be that team’s position or rank.

Now let’s say I have a page or a group dedicated to that team, and I want to display that’s team’s league position outside of that league table repeating group.

I have tried to find ways to reference the league table repeating group to access the cell index of that particular team, and I have tried to figure out ways to save the rank or position to the database each time a change is made, but I can’t find a way to do either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? This is completely vexxing me!

Right. Vanilla Bubble doesn’t have an IndexOf function.

But List Shifter does (use the Index Of action) and I’m pretty sure I put an Index Of SSA in List Popper and Friends (for use server side).

Thanks @keith. List Shifter? Is that a Plugin?

Yes. The best and most useful plugin ever made for Bubble. (But I’m biased.)

List Popper and Friends is also a plugin.

Both are Karma-Ware (pay what you will at

Thanks Keith. I’ve installed the Plugin and will get on over to the karma site.

Are you able to talk me through how I would utilise it to achieve what I am looking for…

I have a page with a RG of some things (essentially a poll). These ‘things’ are some (but not all) of ALL the ‘things’. Users rate the ‘things’ in the Poll. That updates the order of the poll, but in turn also affects the OVERALL average score/rating.

What I want to achieve is:

  • User rates a thing in a poll
  • This updates a RG I have hidden of ALL things, sorted by average rating, descending
  • For the relevant cell index of the ALL RG to be displayed on the relevant ‘thing’ in the poll.



Thing 1 - Rated 4/5 in the Poll, and 3/5 overall. User submits a Poll rating which changes the overall rating to 2/5, and moves it from position (cell index) 2 in the ALL RG to position (cell index) 4.
A text box in the POLL RG displays Cell Index 2, and then changes to 4 when the user submits their rating (regardless of the POLL RG cell index).

Hope that makes sense.

You have a list of Things (or even just basic data types). You put that list in List Shifter (via the “List to Shift” input). In your case, you would use the same expression as what you are now feeding your Repeating Group with.

Then, to know at what index a given Thing is in that list of things, you execute a workflow with the Index Of action. In the action’s dialog, you provide the single Thing in question.

List Shifter’s Item Found at Index output updates with that position number. (It also sends an Event for Item Found or Item not Found so you could trigger workflows based on those conditions / know when the action is complete.)

Coincidentally I have that exact use case. My solve is to count the number of teams with league score > league score of the team in question. Then the team’s index = that count + 1.


OMG. That is genius @SerPounce. I am going to try that first. Such a beautiful solution.

@keith Still not sure I follow, but I will ty and figure it out, and the plugin as a whole seems worty of much exploration with all the functionality.

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@SerPounce… Implemented in 20 seconds. Wow - so obvious yet so elusive! Thanks very much.

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@andmilne ha ha! Great to hear. Believe me, that solution was pretty damn elusive to me as well. Just like you I spent eons trying to solve using RG tools.

@andmilne I just stumbled upon this fine fellow which would have also done the trick:

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