How to fix error... "operation timed out -- app too busy"

I have an app that for the first time is showing an error “Operation timed out – app too busy” and I need some help figuring out how understand what the issue is, identify it, and solve it. This is the first time I’ve seen this issue so unclear how to handle it. I’m assuming it has something to do with the number of workflows being run.

Here’s the situation

  1. The app that’s now timing out has been running for 5 months without any major adjustments or increases in uses so it seems strange.
  2. Here is the. Screenshot
  3. The issue was noticed on this page: callbosstest | Bubble Editor
  4. I read this support article and didn’t find it useful: Server Logs: Workflow error- Operation timed out -- app too busy - #12 by sudsy

A few questions

  1. Can anyone provide insight into what’s happening in plain language?
  2. How to identify where the issue is within the app?
  3. How to I identify the solution based on this problem?

Thank you!

Hi @topherwilliams,

I looked at your server logs, and there is a spike in your max capacity chart (Settings > Capacity) that aligns with when you posted this.

Some workflow with “heavy” action(s) sent your app into max capacity, which would explain why your app timed out. Further down the page you can view capacity consumption. I generated a chart for the same time frame (7 am Eastern to 6 hrs later).

You can drill down on each piece of the chart to get more specific, and eventually you’ll be taken to the exact element, action, workflow event, etc. responsible for it.

From what I can see, you might need to re-work some of the logic to make it more efficient. I’m seeing a ton of “Search for” expressions in a single “Send Email” action that might be creating a bottleneck, exceeding capacity, and ultimately timing out.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for walking me through how to understand where the problem is. This makes sense. A few more questions that come to mind

  1. Any idea why this would just be happening now? Nothing has changed about the use of the app in 5 months.

  2. How do you define “efficient” in this case? Is it the number of workflows? Database queries? Any action that needs to get done?

  3. Based on what you saw from the app, how would you make it more efficient? Since I don’t know the definition of efficient yet, I can’t think through how to make it more efficient.

Thanks so much for your help!


okay, I think I’ve answered a few of my questions

  1. More efficient means fewer searches, workflows, etc for accomplishing the same amount of work. Correct?

  2. I consume a lot of web requests through a) fetching data and b) workflows

With fetching data 90% is through searching. how can I minimize this?

With workflows, it is majority sending image and the rest are “go to page”. how can i minimize those?

Lastly, any insight into why this would be an issue now? Has something changed within bubble? The error does not replicate on my computer/browser but it does with my customers browers/computer. Also, the number of workflows run in November is lower then other months…

I noticed that too. It’s like API workflows make a slower response now. I’m still investigating. I tried with 10 credits (units), and everything’s was fine. Maybe Bubble can confirm if they have reduced the number of APIs workflows done simultaneously on their personal plan? Many others also observed. @eve ? @emmanuel ?

What is the value for personal plan? Impact?

Thanks for exploring John. If you find anything, please let me know.

Also, what are “credits”? Are you saying that I can buy extra capacity (until I make the app more efficient) so it won’t time out? If yes, how do I do that? I tried to search around the bubble website and app and didn’t find a place to buy credits.

Thank you!

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Hi @topherwilliams

The only way to add capacity is from the Professional plan (or higher).

Thanks John.

Does anyone have any insights into how to minimize searches or go to page workflows?

@eve any insights into why this is happening from bubble’s perspective now?


Hey guys,

We’ve seen a few reports of API workflows taking up more capacity than they were previously, so that might be part of the issue here. I’m not able to accurately assess this without our team having a chance to investigate, so I’ve already requested that @topherwilliams file a bug report with our team and will make sure that gets addressed ASAP.

Bug report sent. Thanks @eve!

Is it possible that this issue of being ‘timed-out’ is caused by a browser? My clients get the error, but I cannot replicate the issue. Any idea?

A little update on this thread. This situation is getting a little more confusing and frustrating. It’s clear that there is a problem somewhere, but no one can identify where it is.

Here’s what I’ve done

  1. On the original app. The preview editors now freezes up for me so I couldn’t even make any adjustments. Even a simple button click and the screen just loads forever. Here is a sample page:

I’ve made a video of it:

I reported a bug to bubble, they cannot replicate, it still happens for me, so feels like a standstill.

  1. Before all of this I made a copy of the original app, so I decided to make upgrades to that app, as it didn’t freeze.

To make the app faster and user fewer server queries, I started using “Current User’s Current Call” on all adjustments of a “Call”, instead of using “Do Search For…” database searches to create/edits items in the database, in this case it’s “Calls”
Example here:

I also used states to send emails/calendar invites on one page that was very heavy in this regard. Here is that page: Callboss-centralcooling-version2 | Bubble Editor

I got the new app up and running yesterday and it worked fine. I purchased a “Professional Plan” for added server capacity to try to make sure it wouldn’t freeze.

Here is the new app:
Here is the editor: Callboss-centralcooling-version2 | Bubble Editor

  1. This morning I come in and the client is reporting that the app is timing out again. I cannot replicate the issue, but they sent me this screenshot.

They said that what always happens is that the email is sent out but the calendar invite never gets sent out and the the app times out.

Here is the workflows for the page where it times out: Callboss-centralcooling-version2 | Bubble Editor

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?

It feels like either 1) it’s a bubble issue with the server 2) it’s a client browser/computer issue.

I cannot replicate the issue on my computer on the new app.

Okay, a little update, starting to get into the issue.

The app will time out on this page but the email + calendar invitations within the workflow do get sent. Here is the page for reference:

This is a good clue!

Now I’m wondering two things

  1. What causes an operation timed out – app too busy?
  2. It’s occurring to me that the navigation of workflows and states might be the issue and that it could create an infinite loop, which would create a timeout. This is just a logical observation, I don’t know the code that makes this.

Is there a way to make a chain of states so that the 1 triggers the next?

For example, I want to use states, but I want
1) email to be sent + triggers the right calendar request to be sent
2) calendar request to be sent
3) navigation to go to a new page

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hey gaby! do you have any videos on custom states? I’m pretty confident these is the solution, specifically, having them trigger each other in series.

I checked your youtube channel but couldn’t find any.

Continuing the discussion from How to fix error… "operation timed out – app too busy":

Update for everyone. I’ve changed nothing in the app and it works perfectly now.

My gut is telling me that there was a server side and/or bubble issue that was fixed. To me, nothing else can explain to me why magically my app stopped working, then magically started working again. If anyone else has a pet theory, or if this has happened to you, I’d love to hear it :slight_smile:


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