(July/01) ERROR: Operation timed out -- app too busy

Hello friends,

This message “Operation timed out – app too bus” is occurring while I’m updating just 500 lines via Backend, line by line. There shouldn’t be such a small limitation, I guess.

I searched the forum and could noticed that there are often failures in this regard.
All I can say is that it’s not the desktop process, it’s something in the Bubble.

Are you also identifying specific timeout problems?

Maybe you Dear @josh could give some help?

Note this capactiy screen, it far from any edge.

  1. Shorten the time range so the beginning and the ends of the spike are in the window, it may show higher.
  2. If you did 500 lines in the backend, did you do Schedule API Workflow on a list with any kind of delay, or did you do a recursive workflow with some kind of delay?
  3. I’m not saying switch right away, but the new pricing structure based on Workload doesn’t have a capacity limitation, so might be worth looking at if switching makes sense for you
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Hello @tylerboodman
Thank you for feedback for insigths
There’s no dealy applied actually


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