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Force-logout the user

Is there a way to force-logout the user when the user closes the app without clicking on the logout button?

I have a scenario where I want a given category of users to always login…and the only way I can think of doing that is by force-logging out the user while the app is being closed.

Any suggestions?


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Its left field but if you hide an integer input and a date and time input you could have set on page load to set the date time element to current date and time, then set the state of the input to be date and time and use a modulo type setup so the input rolls through the minutes as they go. Then use a workflow that every 30seconds checks its the same minute as current minute. If its not log the user out… the reason i think that would work is because if you minimize the browser the input will stop ticking over… like i said a bit left field… lol

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You can do similar to @jarrad suggests, but use auto-binding on the element. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the inputs, I’ll give it a shot!

Test for “current user” “is logged in” every x seconds using a workflow “on page load”.

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