How to generate automatic Flyers with Bubble?

Hello Bubble Community,

I want to generate automatic FLYERS with Bubble.
There are plenty of websites where you can generate flyers, but it’s a hand made process.

How could I use some of these Flyers Templates and API some of these websites to update a Template with Time, Name, additional elements with different typos, Picture etc …

Any idea or suggestions how to address such Use Case will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your support and suggestions.

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Hi Pierre,

Do you have any examples of these flyers you mention? That might give everyone a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.


For example this automatic flyer website:

Assuming I subscribe with them, how could I integrate this website with Bubble?

This is a Flyer that can be personalized by hand. How could I automate the Text update, Font, Colors, background etc … in a Bubble App?

Another exemple of a Flyer to be updated with Bubble.
I’d like to find a way to link Text, Font, Background, Colors, Picture with a Bubble App.
Any idea how to do such integration? Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.

The Option to create thousands of Flyers within the Bubble App is not an option as it will take ages before having a nice data base of Flyers… So I want to integrate with the Flyers of existing Flyers websites …

Other Examples of Flyers Websites:

I think it would really depend on the specific flyer builder website and if they have a public API or not. It appears has had an API at some point: But all the endpoints seem dead so you’d have to investigate that part more first.

Assuming you find a flyer builder with an API, you could then GET and POST the data you need. Integrating it would probably depend on the specific API design they’re offering, and how you would want to work with it. Another question for the future!

Thanks. I have found another Flyer website with a REST API feature.

These are the links to the API documentation

How to proceed now? FYI, I’m not a developer and I’d like some help to make it usable within Bubble. How to do that? Thanks in advance.

Just played around with postermywall’s API. They only allow you to pull data so it would only be of partial use for your use case:

Screen Recording 2020-12-04 at AM

  • To connect to APIs the Bubble’s API CONNECTOR plugin is used
  • I created a free account in postermywall and created one test project. This creates an API key that is used for the GET call from Bubble’s API CONNECTOR plugin
  • This is the setup in the editor with one repeating group, one text element and one image element

Hope this provides some guidance on getting data from API services :+1:

Thank you so much for your analysis. It helps a lot.

Though after having spent times and tests on the API pages of PosterMyWall, it looks like I couldn’t get access to the Get/Design created … It looks like this part of the API is blocked except the Get Templates … Did you faced the same issue.

Anyway, Thanks so much for setting this up … I understand much better now how to connect a API with Bubble.

You are a KING :slight_smile: Thanks again for your assistance.

Yeap faced the same issue.

Best of luck with your project :+1:

Hello, CMARCHAN and others skilled Bubble experts :slight_smile:

I have found an API provider PIXELISE which proposes to automate the generation of images with text, colors and background remotely.

It looks promising but the thing is I need help to setup the API inside Bubble. I know some of you are experts on this. Could you help me setting the PIXELISE API within Bubble?

Use Case: Let’s assume I have created 3 Design Flyer templates for 1 activity. Below an example of 1 Flyer design.


I want to remotely from my Bubble App access PIXELISE-API and

  1. Update the Flyer parameters Date, Location, User Picture, Image Background with Bubble Data.
  2. Download the Updated Flyer into Bubble data base as JPG
  3. Repeat 1. and 2. for the 3 Flyer design
  4. Show the 3 updated Flyers design to the user in a vertical Repeating Group and let him choose the one he prefers
  5. Save the one selected as JPG in a Bubble Data base

Would that be possible with PIXELISE?

I don’t know how to setup the PIXELISE-APi parameters into Bubble-API and start the Use Case. Your assistance and knowledge will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your support.
Regards. Pierre


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