How to generate temporary page + URL address


I am creating app where users can create reports.

  1. When report is made, this needs to be signed by supervisor.

  2. These supervisors are not registered users so signing should be done without logging in.

  3. I want that Bubble will generate temporary page where this specific report will be on display
    and this page URL can be sent to supervisor email address.

  4. After supervisor has visited at this temporary page and signed the report, this page will stop being exist but report will be change status to be (Signed).

So can Bubble make this happen? If yes how? If not, do you guys have any other ideas how this should be done by bubble.

Thx for help !

Hi Sebastian, Yes this is possible.

What is your experience level? So we can point you in the right direction.

I think the tutorial sending data to pages covers this.

Hey Mike,

It’s great to hear that this can be done. Would be great if you can assist me further.
I can just say I have created some complex apps so I am not novice, but I am not guru with Bubble neither.

Where should I start?

@sebastian.rchidi I made a quick basic setup for you.

Check the editor to see how it is made

Also please check this Youtube channel


Thank you very much mike! This solved my problem :slight_smile:

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