How to generate URL that allows users to display content on a page

Hi Bubblers,
I have this one-page website that allows users to display contents on the page when they click on a button. Many of the contents are hidden and can be displayed when a button is clicked - the same buttons hides elements that were previously displayed on the page. I want to create URL for each of the displays i.e. when a button is clicked and an element displays, I generate a URL for that display. I can then share the URL so that when the person I share with clicks on the link, they can display the same content on their device. It is similar to sharing a page URL,but all my elements are on the same page. Any help will be appreciated.

You will probably have to use the ‘Get data from url’ action on ‘Page is loaded’ workflow. You can save the data as a custom state, which I’m assuming you are already using for configuring what displays. Then you can just share the url with the data. For example:

If your website was and you shared a link as'Then when a user goes to that url and the page is loaded the action get data from url will get your specified variable ‘data’ from the url and save the value ‘red’ as a custom state. Then each Group/Text/Button/Element on your page will have a condition that states when the custom state is ‘red’ then the color of each of these elements is red. This is very basic example but an easy way of doing this with Bubble.

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