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How to get hover effect (from "title" attribute) with links and icons

Is there a way to add title attributes to links and icons so that when the user mouses over the item they receive the tooltip of what to do? I’ve seen the ability to add hover conditions to items but this isn’t the same thing; this functionality only changes the value of the text. It seems that there should basically be a title attribute that can be set.

Thanks for anyone’s help.

You add the “tooltip” as an element on the page. Then add a condition on that element so that when another element is hovered it shows.

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I got stuck on this for a while myself. I wanted to put the condition on the hovered item, but Bubble asks for it on the thing you want to show.

Expectation: “When this thing is hovered, show that other thing”
Reality: “When that other thing is hovered, show this thing”

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Yes that’s a design choice we’ve made. Now the good news is that it’s consistent across the whole interface (and if you think it’s not let us know).

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OK. I get it. A little more work but I see what you mean. Thanks to you both for the reply.

I solved my question.

Can you share a link to the editor so we can see what you tried?