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Easy tool tips in the editor

Bubble has mastered the use of the tooltip so that everything has a reference link.

I’m trying to do the same.

If there were, in the editor, an option to add a tooltip, life would be easier. It could be a “par-baked” version of the focus element built into the editor panel with a few fields, like for link elements.


I agree.

Currently, tooltips can be very difficult to create in Bubble, especially since they create lots of complications for responsive layouts as a result fo them often stick out of the current group or overlaping other groups, etc.

I’ve left tool tips out of our app because they’re so time consuming to create in Bubble. Making them easy to add would be very useful.


I know, it would be so much easier to give a free entry text field which simply populates the html element Title attribute. That’s all I want!

Would people be happy with the title attribute? Would be quite simple styling then.

This is more what I was envisioning.

Seems you can’t style the title attribute, like a javascript alert. It’s part of accessibility.

Title attribute would still be better than nothing.

We’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:


We just added that for Texts, Icons & Buttons. The text can be dynamic, so it’s quite powerful.


This is excellent - great news!

This is a great addition @emmanuel

It will save me a ton of time having to write an instruction manual and make my app more intuitive.

Keep up the great work.

Long Live Bubble!!!

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I love this!!!

Thank you!

Could it be added to links displayed as icons also please ?

it’s added


Hi @emmanuel

Would it be possible to implement this function for Ionic Icons?


We’ll add that.