How to Get mp3 meta data

How do I set up the database to automatically extract the mp3 meta data when uploading to the database or do I have to create and edit the database manually for every track that is uploaded?

I don’t remember ever bumping into a native Bubble feature that has something like that. It’s likely you can store mp3 files on Bubble, but I’m not sure you can retrieve all this metadata.

I would imagine that there is a good soul out there who has already created a database that you could search. Not exactly what you’re asking, I know, but might be a starting point. Maybe this could help?

Thank you, it’s a good starting point.

bump on this topic. I also need this function in my app.

Hey guys,

we do some things with mp3 and stored them somewhere else (S3) for our product, which kind of mp3 metadata do you need?

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Here is a solution, with :love_letter: :slight_smile: