Save MP3 file name to database when uploading

I have a song with the file name: Artist - Title.mp3

Is it possible that I when I upload this song, the artist and title can be extracted automatically from the filename and saved to the database under data fields “Artist” and “title” that I created or I need to do this manually?

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You can do this through either a custom state or through a hidden field.

General Workflow

  1. Create entry (filename) or you can update an existing Artist record based on the custom state or hidden field. I would personally go with a hidden field in this case. Just make it a regular input for now while you test.
  2. Add pause before next action
  3. Create record (Using upload)
  4. Add record to a list under the Artist. Under the artist type, you would essentially have a list of upload names and a list of uploaded song records.

That’s one way you can do it.

Hi Josh, would you mind assisting with a few screen shots? I’m very lost

Perhaps @djpapzin you want to detect the file metadata?

If so, this could help you :
Audio File Analyzer Plugin | Bubble