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How to get refund for a bubble plugin

Actually, I recently purchased one plugin for small tags for my bubble app. The price was one time. Now, I am not happy with it. So, how I can get a refund for that plugin?

Priyanshu goyal
Founder of

This is fully related to Bubble’s Marketplace Pricing and Payment Policies.
Please reachout bubble support,
For your reference :

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Have you contacted the plugin author?

I’ve tried this once, I reached out the plugin owner because the plugin didn’t work on mobile,
he said to contact bubble, I contacted bubble through e-mail ( [email protected]) and I never got an answer.
This was on June 2020


No! I think i should do it now.

It’s one potential avenue to getting a refund though they are not guaranteed or required to do this for you. If there is an inherent issue with the plugin, I think Bubble will refund you if you show them the error, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Can I transfer it from one to another if I want to? Is this is something that can be done?

Yep… But then I didn’t try hard to get the refund, I prefered to spend my energy in other things

Yes! true.