Any way to get refunded for a plugin?

Bought a plugin, didn’t work as I needed it to. Anyway to get a refund?

I also uninstalled it straightaway…

By the way, if you purchased a subscription you are only charged for the time you were subscribed.

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Did you first contact the plugin author?

Hey @neema could you help here.

I’m getting conflicting info, see my original post…

I removed the plugin on the day I purchased it.

  1. I got an invoice for the full year of use
  2. The community suggested reaching out direct to the maker
  3. I contacted the plugin maker direct and they said its something you deal with

I’m confused :slight_smile:

Hi @pauljamess! We’re happy to look into this for you. Please could you email us with the details at so we can investigate your case specifically?

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