How to get rid of horizontal lines between repeating groups

Hi all. I’m new to Bubble and this might be a stupid question but I’ve tried everything but couldn’t figure it out. I’ve also looked through the forum but I didnt find anything that solves this. Any help or pointers are much appreciated.

There are these faint lines between each group in a repeating group. (Example shown below). These lines are visible in the editor and it doesnt go away in the build.

Hi there, in the Appearance settings for the RG (after you double click on the RG), there is an option called “Separato”. You want to set that to None.

Thanks for replying! Unfortunately I don’t see a Separato option in my appearance settings for the RG. (Screenshot attached)

@napozofficial Click ‘edit style’ or ‘remove style’ to see the option. :blush:

I see it now. It was in front of me the whole time. Thanks very much!

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Glad you found it. :raised_hands: