I need your help

Whenever I put a repeating group onto a canvas, it doesn’t show the separating lines. It displays exactly plain like a group. How do I reset to have it normal?

Hi there, @lindamakachi… does your repeating group have a style associated with it? Can you share a screenshot of the element’s Appearance tab?


Hi Mike.
I have no preset styles on it.

That’s the Layout tab, not the Appearance tab.

Okay, A second

My repeating group is plain inside with no lines. It’s hard to work with it.
What do I do?

If you are just talking about the fact that you aren’t seeing separator lines, it is likely because your Standard Repeating Group style has the separator set to none. Click on Edit style and see if that is the case.

Seen. My separator was set to none.
fixed now.
thanks, Mike

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