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How to get value from Text Element

I noticed Text elements are not in the list of dynamic data which means I can’t get their value/content.
how can I make this possible?
e.g, let’s say a Text Element has the following text:
“never give up”
and I want to send this text to an “Input field”
How can I make it possible

any idea

  1. Put your input in a Group
  2. Make that Group’s Type text and set it’s value to “never give up”
  3. Now reference Group’s Text in both the Text element and the Input element

This might seem hacky but working in this way opens up some neat shortcuts in Bubble, though I’m not going to get into explanations here.

not exactly what I want

The “text element” get its text from an external javascript attribute id,
what want that text to also get filled automatically in the “Input Element”
sorry for my bad english

no opinion?

still no idea?

try edwards way. Make the group get it’s data from wherever, then reference that groups value for everything.

didn’t work

I do this regularly! You can use a hidden input as the text labels data source instead of setting the data source on the text element itself.

Then, just reference the input.

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