Copy text from Input to text element

I’m discovering Bubble and I’m trying to create a simple app to test but I’m blocked.

My application consists of an input field, a button and a text field.
For now, I just want to copy the text in the input field in the text field when I press the button.

How can I do that?
I succed to create the event “When button is clicked” but I don’t know what to do in the action.
I guess it’s in Element Actions ’ option

Thank you in advance


You can’t set a Text element’s text in a workflow, not directly anyway. The good news is you shouldn’t have to. You could just set the text field’s dynamic text to be the input’s value - no button click required.

If you really do want to control this with a button click, you could create a custom state for the text field and set the text’s value to be the custom state’s value. Then you would have the button’s click event set the custom state to the input’s value. Look up custom states here on the forum for info on setting and using them.

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