How to "go to page" without any data to pass?

I would like to realize as below.
When a button is clicked, go to another page, without handing any information.

However, when “Data to Send” is null, there is an error message saying “remember fill out data to send”.

How to solve this problem?

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That means your “target” site has a “Type of content”. If you remove the Type of content it wont be an issue any more.


Ok, thank you for your quick reply.

I will do so. One problem is that the destination page can be accessed by another page, and from that page, I would like to pass data.

It’s usually an issue with your design if a page can have data or not. The Facebook profile page HAS to have a user sent to it, no matter what.

Would there be any way to pass “null” as the data being sent?

Example: Create New button is told to sends “null” as the identifier for what information to show from the database and an edit button nested inside of a cell is told to send that cells information as the identifier for what information to show from the database.

Perform a search on the type and make it so the constraint used always returns 0 items of that type. I don’t know if this is the best workaround available, but it’s what I found out quickly. Maybe someone else has a better approach.


@JonL - I know that there are always 300 different ways to do something, but I think I’ll stick with your recommendation. I really just wanted to get rid of the error in the backend lol.

Thank you so much for the advice.

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I’m bumping into the same question. Initially it wasn’t a problem as I used multiple pages, but while optimising for speed I found that a onepage application worked better, and I believe it’s required to wrap it as a native app (?)

For simplicity, let’s say it’s a meetup clone. I started off with 2 pages:
-a general navigation page for contacts, messages, etc. that doesn’t require an event (could use current user but not necessary)
-an event page that requires an event

When “navigating from the general page to the event page” (they are technically on the same page) I send even specific data, but I’ve gotten the same error message when navigating back from the event page to the general navigation page (again: same page, and thought I might send “null” as data to clean up the URL)

I guess what I’m really trying to do is select data, not navigating to a page, but I haven’t found in the workflow options how to do this otherwise.

What would be the better way to do this?

We solved in our case in this way:

1 - Select the button that the link is about;

2 - Start / edit Workflow

3 - In Go to page destination data to send box select this button => create a new custom state => type anything => state type [IMPORTANT] choose the specifc page where the link goes => select this new thing that you created

It’s done. :slight_smile:

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Just set the pages type to nothing, and instead send over all your data as a URL parameter. Then whatever elements need to reference a thing instead of the source ending “Current pages thing” do “Get data from URL”. That’s those “?user=x” fields you see on every website in the URL bar