How to group chart data by quarter and other chart ideas

I have the following situation:

  • I have a data type with multiple entries: text, number, date.
  • I want to create charts (stacked bars/combo bar + line) using two data points from the data type: date (which is formatted by default) and number (which is formatted as $).

My challenges are:

  • I need to be able to group the dates by quarters (or manually selected intervals of 90 days)
  • I need to be able to create stacked bar charts or combo bar + line chart

What’s the best solution out there considering the above.
Thank you,

Do you know about the :groupby operator? It does exactly what you are trying to do.
If you have any questions about it feel free to ask :slight_smile:

You could checkout the bubble manual:

But there is also a great article by Petter Amlie

Thanks for your quick reply Nico.

I am already using the :groupby operator as part of the default option found in Chart Element from The issues are:

  • I can’t group by quarter only by day, exact or month
  • The Chart Element doesn’t support stacked bar charts with multiple data series or bar + line combo charts.

I tried using the free version from Air Chart lite but I ran into the following issue when inserting the data:

  • I can’t use the :groupby option because I am searching for a thing in my data type, and calling on :each item’s number (formatted as $).

Am I missing something?

You can define an interval to group by.

Select Month, select an interval of 3… and you now have Quarter grouping :slight_smile:
Be sure to choose a starting date, select Do not skip empty groups, and chose an end date.
The Start date should be at the start of a quarter and end date should be at an end.

Charts are one of the the only things for which I have turned to paid plugins for. You can implement Apex Charts.js or other open source chart libraries with a bit of elbow grease and if you have a bit of coding knowledge, however in my particular case it was not justified to do so, so i just implemented a paid plugin, and i’m happy with the result.
Somebody else might be better suited for helping you out with that if you don’t want to go down the paid plugin route.


One more question and I think I’m good. What paid solution do you recommend (less code = better)? Thanks!

I personally use:

I quite like it because its a one stop shop (has a lot of different charts) and has good customisability. It also has a very active plugin author as you can see by the forum showcase page:

That said, charts have never been a big functionality of my app, as i mainly use them for admin metrics dashboards, so i’m by no means an expert. But thats also why i needed a plugin with a range of different charts, maybe not what you are looking for.
Check it out, see what you think!


Thanks a bunch.

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