How to handle member changing team/organisation?

I have built a SaaS where Users would be grouped in “Org”.
Basically, when a Users creates an account, they choose to either create a new Org (and invite their members) or join an existing Org, in User data type there is a field “organization”.


All the workflow & display controls are built based on the User and/or Org.
For example, in input forms, dropdown/searchbox dynamic lists would have constraints of organisation=current user’s organisation


I haven’t tried it but what if I want to allow Users to leave their current Org and join another Org/create their own Org?
I guess their name would not appear in the previous Org’s data display or dynamic lists anymore, right?
How should the setting be if I want the Users to be able to leave, but also allow the history data to stay visible with their information like name and email?
(Like many other SaaS where freelancers are allowed to join multiple teams with the same email/credentials.)

Has anyone done this successfully and could you please share how you do it?
Much appreciated!

Hi there, @vennio… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you could make the Organization field a list so a user could be part of more than one organization. Or, a better way to go might be to leave the Organization field as-is to store the user’s “active” organization, and maybe have a list field that stores previous organizations so you know the user was part of those organizations at one point. You could put different privacy rules in place based upon the active organization vs. previous organizations, and you might be good to go.

Does it sound like those ideas might work for you?


Hey, @mikeloc, list of previous organisations sounds like a good solution.
Great call!

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