User 1 asks to join user 2's preexisting group


In my app I want users to have organizations and then when new users (user 1) join the app they will be able to join the an organization by inputting a preexisting user’s (user 2) email that is already in the group and user 2 can add the user 1 by visiting organization page and clicking ‘Add Member’

I was trying to do this by:

  1. User 1 input’s user 2’s email which starts a ‘Do search for users’ and finds user’s thing in database and their corresponding organization thing
  2. User 1 is added to a field in user 2’s organization thing ‘Member to join’
  3. User 2’s organization page lists User 1’s email and a button to allow them to add User 1 into the organization

This does not work because I cannot do a ‘Search for User’s’ because user data is inherently private.

I am trying to do it through ‘Do a search for Organizations’ with parameter field ‘Members’ contains input that User 1 inputted in step 1 (above). So far I cannot figure out how to do this.

Anyone have any ideas of how I can set up organizations so that User 1’s can enter
User 2’s email and ask to join group?


Hi there, @anon31591471… can you pass the email input by User 1 (i.e., User 2’s email) to a backend workflow and ignore privacy rules when running that workflow?


I have never used a backend workflow before but I will try it now!

Thanks for the idea! @mikeloc

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