SaaS - Multiple organizations, teams and staff

Hi, I’m bubble newbie so was wondering if anyone could help me structure my data?

I have looked through the forums over the past few days but can’t seem to find a solution.

Im looking to create a SaaS product that would consist of different organizations, teams and staff. I would like an admin to sign up for an account and invite other staff (via email) to create an account. The admin would then arrange the staff into teams/groups.

Can this be done? And how will bubble know that when one of the staff signs up (using same email address) not to create them as a new organization?

I hope this makes sense, I upload a flowchart/structure if that would help. Many thanks!

I’m afraid bubble is not about ‘automatic apps’ … you have to build the logic to do all the things you mention. You might be best served to go to the Coaching Bubble channel on YouTube and search there for some of the things you want to do. That will give you a flavour of what is required to build the sort of thing you mention.

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Hi @patricia

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have taken all the interactive lessons/video and I have built a large amount of the app already. I should have really started with the user structure first! (live and learn) Is there any fields I could add to the user database or page permissions that would help structure the users? Thanks again

The best way to do this depends on some details related to your app and use case. That said, here are some related thoughts that should point you in the right direction:

  • You’ll need to assign users to one or more organizations and/or teams (so either: 1) the user’s table has an organization (or list of organizations), 2) the organization’s table has a list of users or 3) there’s a separate table that has a single row for each user that’s in each organization)
  • You’ll need to store permissions for users for each team and/or organization. It could be as simple as isOrgAdmin = yes or no, but could also be much more granular with different permission options for each user (and perhaps the organizers can adjust these either for each user in their org or for each role of users within the org).
  • This type of thing is hard to change in the future simple because it typically becomes so interconnected to the rest of your app so I recommend taking the time to figure out how user’s want to manage this before you code all of it.
  • Additionally, I recommend building out a small portion of each piece of your app for this before committing to a specific solution. This way, if what you build makes it hard to, say, structure database searches then you know that. Or, perhaps it works great for searches but doesn’t work for database security.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you @sridharan.s - you saved me time and did it a whole lot better than I could.

@dudders9 -sorry I’ve been out at a meeting for hours.

I have a few notes and things that go into detail on a few of the steps mentioned above. If you private message me with your email I’ll be happy to share.