How to handle users without email

hey guys,

my app is using Bubble, Google and Facebook login./sign up. Bubble and Google obviously capture an email, but as you know Facebook not always captures email from users (sometimes they use phone number for example). My app sends a bunch of emails based on N numbers of scenarios/status.

How do you fixed the issue of (sometimes) not having a Facebook email for a user?

Thanks, gracias, gratzie, obrigado, Arigato, Xièxiè

Request the user to enter an email address before being able to continue to your application.

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makes sense, I guess the simplest solution is always the best solution. thanks

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No problem!

I am seeing an odd behavior from Facebook, sometimes doesn’t bring the email, EVEN THOUGH the email exists (it’s my account), have you seen this behavior?

I actually haven’t. I don’t use oauth on my website, just standard login, if I were to bring oauth in I would just use Google. Never tried it with Facebook

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