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How Is It Possible To Create An Account Without Email?

I’ve been watching the live data in the app and am seeing 1 user without an email.

How is this possible?

That can happen if a user uses a social network that doesn’t provide the email (or the users didn’t give the permission). In this case, the id that we use is the social network ID.

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Yes Nicolas. You can test yourself and see that Facebook allows users to choose if they want to share their email or no. If they select no, you won’t get it.

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What can be searched with or used as an identifier for these people/accounts though? Besides the Unique ID

Bump on this.

If we have other elements that search for a users email address, if they have signed up with a social login, and not shared their email, what will occur? It will break I assume… But what can be used instead? What can be searched against users who haven’t provided their email during social signup?

If email is necessary, why don’t you just have a workflow that checks to see if the email is missing and make certain the user inputs and verifies it?

Yes that is one way of course, but I assumed that the facebook email would be brought into the system. Allowing them two ways to login to an app is important. But within the app, actions are run based on the email address of the user and if there isn’t one, we have a problem…