How to 'hard-code' App ID and App Secret?

I have tried to build my first plug-in, and have set up the authentication flow to use ‘OAuth2 User-Agent Flow’, testet it and it works.

However, in the plug-in tab in my test app, I’m asked to enter App ID and App Secret. I don’t need users to enter App ID or App Secret, I only need them to approve the connection. How do I turn this setting off?

This is my authentication setting:

And here is what I see when I go to the plug-in tab:

What are you trying todo?
If you build an API Connector plugin, this is for other app to be able to reuse what you have done, but using their own credentials.
If you just want to use that in your own APP, there’s no reason tu build a plugin and you should use API Connector.

Hi @Jici

Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m trying to build a plugin, where app developers can authendicat to and use my API, but without having to enter custom credentials. Ones the app developer have approved the use of my app though a login flow, they can simply just start using it.

Hope it makes sense?

I don’t believe you are using the correct path but it’s hard to really understand your project, what your API do, and what exactly app developper need.

You might be right.

What I have built is a no-code AI platform, that I would like users to be able to access from Bubble. I have set it up in Make and Zapier, and there the user flow is quite simple. The user selects my plugin and connects to it via a authorization code flow (all they do is accept) and then they can start using the plugin.

I would like the same here and it does seem to be the standard way of doing things, so don’t really get why it is such a hassle in Bubble. But might just be me…