Repeating Group number of items

Is there a way to only load a certain amount of items of a repeating group? then Add a button or text to display the rest?

I just looked in to this, and the way to go Is the plugin “listShifter” by karma ware.

You find the plugin in bubble.

I looked thru this series of 7 and got a hang of it.

Wish u all the luck

  1. Create a custom state called IndexTo.
  2. Set its type to number.
  3. Set its default value to whatever amount you’d like to show (lets say 10).
  4. Change your current RG source to "Search for thing :items until #IndexTo
  5. Create a button e.g called Show More
  6. Edit its workflow to change the custom state (IndexTo) to 20.

Hope this help

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