How to have a "Read More" or "Reveal" button that expands and reveal the entire text as opposed to showing summary?

Hey There,

Basically what I am trying to achieve is the summary section of my website can sometimes be big but I don’t want to show the entire text at once instead

“Read more” button which would expand that box and reveal the entire text and then pressed again who would hide it back to previous position.

This has to be done in a repeating group though.

Any ideas if it is possible or not?


Yes, definitely possible.

  1. Use the “Cut off content if element is not tall enough” checkbox to limit how much of the Summary text element is shown by default, and adjust the height of the element. Or use the :truncated to parameter to limit by number of characters.

  2. Add a Group (eg “Full Summary”) within the RG cell, set data source to “Current cell’s [Thing]” uncheck “This group is visible on page load”. Make sure to check the “Collapse element height when hidden” box in the property editor.

  3. Inside the Full Summary group, add a text element and set it to “Parent Group’s Summary”

  4. Add your “Read More” button (eg next to the truncated Summary), and use workflow to Show (or Toggle) the Group Full Summary element. Better yet, you could trigger the Show/Hide Group Full Summary by putting a workflow on “When [Shortened Summary] element is clicked…” and eliminate button entirely.


Thanks daniel! I will give it a try and let you know.

Hey Daniel so I tried it and it works great! but the repeating group won’t go back to the original summary place once clicked again. Any ideas?

Hey NVM… I had not checked the collapse part. Working just the way I wanted now! Thanks

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