"Read More" to expand text

Complete newbie here, so bear with me, this may seem like a simple thing.

In my app, I have a repeating group of user entries. Some of these entries may be pretty long so I’ve added a “read more button” to the cells. I have a successfully set a conditional to show the button based upon the number of characters in the element. Now, I’m not sure what to put in the workflow, or maybe it would be a conditional, to show the rest of the text when the “read more” option is clicked. Any suggestions about how to approach this are welcome!

Here’s a screenshot for reference:

Add a custom state to the text element itself such as “expanded?” With Yes/No type.

In the conditional settings of the text element, check for Expanded? = Yes. In the properties, set the value of text to the text itself without any truncation (or increase your number of truncated characters so you can see more text)

Lastly, in the workflow for the button, on click set the state of the Expanded? State to Yes.

You may then want to change the button text to “Read Less” and apply the reverse.

check out this video: https://youtu.be/oq33FlSGiZc

Thank you! Your advice about the custom state was helpful and I was able to add the read less as a conditional using this, too.


Thank you for this video!

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