Repeating Group contains a lot of text which is not shown fully in the repeating group boxes

My repeating group contains a lot of text which if exceeds the limit of a repeating group box is not shown completely in that repeating group box. How can we handle this situation ?

Quora has a more button which when clicked will allow the user to view the content completely (please see the attached pic).

I am thinking on the lines of creating a conditional workflow in which when the text crosses a certain limit ,then a continuation button can be added which will allow to view the text completely when it is clicked. Do you think this would be the way to go about it or Can somebody think on an easier way to achieve this.

Or Is it impossible to achieve this with current state of repeating groups? Can I get some guidance on this.

Thanks for helping in this.

I think you might face the same issue as here.

It would no doubt be possible to have something that expands the text when you click… but it looks like the above post that you can’t have something bigger than the repeating group’s box size.

Thanks Nigel , Do you think there is any way to overcome this limitation i.e. to show data greater than box limit.

If you check the ‘stretch to fit’ box, the text element will automatically expand and the repeating group will expand as well. That’s probably what you need. Now this option can’t be used in a condition, so I’m not sure you can have the behavior that you’re describing with a ‘more’ button (yet)

Thanks @emmanuel this does work , but then a single repeating box is occupying a majority of the page , Is there any option to display like the screenshot ?

Thanks for helping out in this

A more button? I don’t think so. But you can show/hide a group if you want to show the detail and make this group collapsable.

Yes , I think that would also work , How can I do that ?

Thanks for helping out.

That’s what you need

Sorry but I cannot find this option , Can you please provide a snapshot of where would i find this option.

Select the group element, and then scroll down the Property Editor

Unfortunately , this option doesn’t seem to exist in Repeating group , Is there any way to do this for a repeating group ?

I think I have not made explicitly clear as to what I am trying to achieve here , It is something similar to this

User sees the repeating group as

Now user clicks on more

What user now sees is expanded view of the repeating group

Why this is important is because this way repeating group long content will not occupy most of the page and will give a complete content viewing experience to the user without leaving the page.

Workaround I have thought is limiting the size of repeating group box and adding a more button like above which would open the content in a new tab but this way user doesn’t stay on the same page and chances of him of leaving the app are much more in this case.

If there is any way , I could achieve the above then it would be really great.

Thanks for any suggestions.

As I said earlier, we don’t have such a feature yet, but you can show a group in the cell that contains the text if the user clicks on a button, and then the repeating group will automatically expand to show the group. if the group is hidden (and hence the text inside), the cell will be smaller (if you check the checkbox i was mentioning earlier).

Posted this in the other thread, but this also works on hover where you can use the condition to replace some truncated text with a lot more text and the cell expands to fit.

And doing both works too, click to show the group, cell expands, then hover to expand again.

Hello, i don’t see stretch o fit option. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?

I tried this method, but instead of expanding, the group expand “under” other cell. This post is from 2015, is there anything changed? Only when a multiline input uses as a text box, and when the multiline input is visible on page load, can the cell adjust to different height, click on a button within a cell in a repeat group doesn’t work