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(solved)On Google map marker click. Redirect to another page with data

Hola folks,

Tyring to get my head around this.

I have a map and I am creating a new thing when someone clicks on record button. It saves title, address, token. On the map I have mentioned that on click it should open the title.

My delima is, how do I redirect that click to another, so user can watch video.

I have created another page with repeating group and put two elements like title and video.

On the index page (where the map is) i tried, if marker is clicked redirect to view_video page. Of course it is not sending any data so view_video does not know what to show.

Here is the link to check what I am doing. Feel free to edit it. I can learn through the changes.

many thanks folks.


Ok not to worry. I used a repeating group on the same page and with show hide. I can view the video.