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How to hide an element after a period of time?


I’d like to have a temporary tooltip (something like “Thing successfully created”) that disappears/fade out automatically after few seconds.

This seems to be easy compared to what Bubble can do but I couldn’t fin a way to do it. Does anyone know if this is feasible ?

Many thanks


In editor, check the visual element called alert


Thanks !

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Is there a way to slow down or pause the transition. We want it to appear and disappear to confirm saving, but it is as quick as a flash…

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With that you can set the start time of the event, but not how fast is the duration of it.

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So you would have two events ?

One to show and one to hide.

Although … it doesn’t actually work :frowning:

Only solution I can think is to implement a time interval between start to end of the animation event.

I can’t even get the “Show” to work :frowning:

Fixed now.

You can schedule the workflows in a timeline to hide and show things as you want.


I was just looking at this and intuitively I thought that it would make more sense to have an event to show and hide element A for [x] seconds and [y] seconds i.e. Show element A for [x] seconds and hide for [y] seconds.

If you just want to hide or show, you can put 0 seconds in.

The only advantage of splitting it is if you wanted to show show or hide hide.

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The way it is implemented makes it quite powerful. So show … animate … hide etc

:laughing: great and funny example, I entered in loop

I think a little bit more testing might be required before it gets out of beta :slight_smile:

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How would I configue this if I wanted to hide something after a specific time of the day? Lets say: Hide this element after 20:00 and show it after 06:00???