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How to display an element for few seconds?

How can I display an element fo few seconds and after that the element should disappear ?

You can use the alert element if you only need to display text to the User. You can then set the alert to display for a certain amount of time. Or you can create a workflow with three actions, 1. ‘show’ the element, 2. insert a pause for a few seconds 3. ‘hide’ the element. That should do it. :slight_smile:


Well I think I can use animate option in the worflow.

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Well I can’t get around it.
So here is what I am doing. I have created a header which is hidden on page load and there is a button to trigger animation. In the workflow I have when the button is pressed animate the header. But the button does not work.

Can you share a link to your app in the editor?

Some of the animations will show an element, but callout bounce will only animate elements that are already visible. Other animations (such as ‘fade in’) indicate that it will show the element:

Since floating group C was hidden on page load, it did not animate when the button was clicked. I just set Floating Group C to be visible on page load and now the animation occurs. Is this the element you need to show for only a few seconds?

yes. I want to display the element for 5 seconds. How to go about that

I just created a workflow with ‘fade in’, pause, and ‘fadeout’ actions. This shows the floating group for around 5 seconds total. :slight_smile:

*the ‘pause’ action is selected by going to:


thanks a lot man.:heart_eyes:

No problem at all! :slight_smile: