How to hide Repeating Group Cell when a button is clicked

I have a repeating group that displays a list of matches. When the current user clicks select, I need the current cell to disappear so the user no longer sees the person that they selected. I have been doing research, but no answers to be found yet.

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You can use List Shifter: Reverse, Rotate, Swap and ITERATE (Loop) Over Bubble Lists | Now at v1.4: Adds Numeric Option, GET INDEX Action to exponentially increase the way you can work with repeating groups!

A native alternative is to create a state storing lists of text. When a user clicks on a cell add that Data’s Unique ID to the state.

In your RG’s Data Source just add a :filter to check if that data’s Unique ID is not in that state.

But seriously though, List Shifter is worth learning to use.

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Ok I see! Thank you so much!

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