How to hide the Context Video panel?

Hi, Since today, all the instructional videos appear again when I am working in the editor.

This is quite annoying. Can I turn this off somewhere?

It looks like this happend before.

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I noticed this myself. Was driving me crazy! I ended up closing the editor and moving on to other tasks.

It happens every now and then for me, never did find out why…

I’ll second that I’ve noticed this frequently. (But often just clicked it away)

I would love it if Bubble had a Settings toggle for “context” modes (ex. beginner = frequently show flyovers, expert = only show documentation links).

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I’ve hit the behavior once today but it seems to be inconsistent. Please submit a bug report if you can find a pattern or consistent way to reproduce the bug.

I’ve seen it happening, but don’t know why. Seems like it just reactivated for everyone perhaps? Seems like once dismissed, the video stays away (I think…)…

This started happening to me last night my time. Given I’m on the west coast of the US, I’m thinking it may have been at midnight in the timezone Bubble is based in? @neerja I think the reset to start playing these again is related to Bubble, not the user given how many people are experiencing this on the same day. As far as the pattern of when it pops up today, for me it is every time I open a new input or workflow that I haven’t used in the last 24 hrs. So, the first button I add, the first condition I create, the first workflow I modify, etc - if it isn’t something I have used since last night, it is popping up with the video. Does that help? Also, I have had videos pop up now that didn’t pop up when I joined Bubble 6 weeks ago (or so).

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@2morses Very helpful, we’ll look into this and get back shortly.

Very well explained. Thanks!

We’ve found the underlying issue, we’re pushing a fix that should be live in one hour or so.



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