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How to implement dynamic secret key parameters in API connector

I am using the API connector when setting up my API. Authorization takes place with a secret key. But each user must provide their own private key. I store the secret key in the database, there are no problems with that.
How do I make the secret key dynamic in the API connector?


One of the ways is to create public API endpoints in the backend section. I mean, you create a workflow that makes an API call to the 3rd party with the private key that you store in the DB - and then returns data.

Then, you can trigger the created API workflows via the API connector.
So, the created workflows make requests with the parameter set as a public one (which allows using it dynamically).

Of course, you may need to add a kind of validation to ensure that the right user triggers your public API endpoints. I mean, you will need to send some extra parameters via the API connector.
But, the good thing is that the private keys won’t be exposed.

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Not sure if I understood you correctly. But I’ll try anyway, hope it helps. Thank you.

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@wwweb2401 another solution is to read the API Key from Url (using “Get data from Url”), Example:
Unfortunately this option does not work. I am making an API call to an application that is not embedded in the bubble, so I am unable to configure “Get data from url”. Also, passing keys by URL is insecure.

Если чё, напишите в личку мне.

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Ок. Спасибо

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