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How to import data from xml file


I really appreciate if someone can help me with this. The challenge is to import some data from an xml file to a bubble “thing”. Some background info:
-) the xml files are e-invoices based on a fixed xml structure
-) final goal is to import xml file and/or data from an external web service
-) current goal is to read the file already on S3 and import structured data

Here you can reach the bubble project page as well as the editor

If you click on the first file on the list, you will see the xml data. How can I use Bubble to import any data into the Invoice data type ?


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You would probably need to use some third party service such as Zapier to parse the XML.
After that create an API Endpoint on your Bubble app (to interface with the third party), and then create the bubble “thing” in the API workflow

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I think that the endpoints in API Workflow can handle xml data, particularly if the structure is simple. Worth a try before using an intermediary

Thank you, @andrewjohnson56782 and @mishav, for taking the time to reply.

I see that there is a first issue in parsing the xml and convert it to json. I have briefly tried to use Zapier for conversion but I was not able to make it. Anyway this is not a priority right now. I found a free online tool to convert xml to json and uploaded a third file (see output-onlinexmltools.txt in index page).

Now, since this file is on S3 how can I use Bubble to read the content and save it in the DB ? What I need is really a step by step guide (or an example in the test project) since I am not familiar with API workflow or API endpoints.

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Hi - did you solve the problem now? Have the same struggle I guess…


solved this issue?

Ivan Santos

Nope, nobody replied ! Sorry … I can’t help.

It worked for me, using Zapier. I have an application that POST XML to Zapier. There I use a Webhook to get the data from the XML. In the next Zapier step, I use the Bubble plugin to create a new thing in my Bubble app. Make sure to “Enable Data API” in Bubble (under Settings > API).

Here are the steps in Zapier:

I hope this helps.


Amigo poderia me dar uma ajuda nessa questão, preciso carregar um arquivo xml e buscar alguns campos, como poderia fazer isso ?

It’s not possible to import an xml file in Bubble? That’s a bit odd.

I guess that if you do a get request using API Connector to the XML file url, it will work.
But the XML need to always have the same format.
So you use Fileuploader to upload the XML file and you use the url from this file in the GET request


Good morning, how can I automatically place the file’s URL in the GET request? The URL is saved in the Bubble Database.

Bom dia, como posso colocar de forma automática a URL do arquivo na solicitação GET? A URL esta salva no Banco de Dados do Bubble.

Amigo, conseguiria me ajudar estou com a intenção de realizar um contas a pagar com a importação de dados do xml de uma nfe para obter os dados e criar os dados no bubble.

I had to import an xml database and used PowerBI.
It automatically used the schema to separate the tables and then I could use the PowerQuery component of PowerBI to transform/create queries to create CSV files that I could load into my Bubble app using backend workflows.

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Do you have a guide on how to do this?

Hi Tyler
Have you used PowerBI before?
If not, you can go to to see if you can get a free trial.
Next go to Get Data and you’ll see a list of data types.
Select your XML file and then choose to transform your data (don’t load it yet).
That will take you to PowerBI’s query view where you’ll find the contents and can make new queries.
Hope that helps.

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