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Tech POC: Import XML into Bubble DB


im looking for someone to help me with following flow:

  1. Upload/Send XML File
  2. Convert or make it understandable to bubble
  3. Store it in a Thing and have all columns defined in the standard XML
  4. Visualize Data in Bubble in A Table Grid


Hi @dev11,

PM’d you.

Hi Dominik,
I am an experienced Bubble developer and I would be glad to help you out on this out.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,

Hi there @andrewjohnson56782 or @mazorshimon I was searching the Bubble forum and came across this post about uploading and processing XML files. I need users to do the same thing with my app. Are you still open for freelance work? I need users to be able to:

  • upload an XML file (all users will upload the same format XML file from a US ecommerce company)
  • make that XML readable and process it to see if there are matches between what is in my Bubble Database and what is in the XML feed
  • The XML feeds can be quite large (users may upload 100MBs each month) and Bubble has limited space so I may need to address that and store them elsewhere (not sure).