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How To Increase Speed Of The App?

What are the options to have the speed issues addressed in the app?

Is a dedicated cluster absolutely required to correct this?

Any test apps or a comparison in speed between a non dedicated vs. dedicated?

It’s gotten increasingly slower the past few months is what I’ve noticed.


Interested to know this myself, I have similar results.

Same here, also interested in this.

Hey Justin,
My app seems slow as well. Very slow to load. I was able to improve the speed somewhat by rethinking the app to avoid the use of plugins wherever possible.

What site did you use to test? Have you done any tests using the Google Chrome Inspector?

I started experimenting with using a landing page to check if the user is logged in and then redirecting to the app page. Somewhat counterintuitively, this seems to load faster overall than sending a user directly to the mobile app url. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this solution will work once I “wrap” the app with Phonegap for the App Store.


I’ve worked on this extensively but regardless my numbers just don’t decrease that much (if at all).

I’d like an answer as to whether or not an upgrade to a higher Bubble plan will dramatically increase the speed pages load.

In some cases it takes 10,11,12 seconds just to open one page.

In other cases repeating groups take 10 seconds to load the 1st entry with additional entries kind of sporatic after that… It’s very bad for user experience.

If you could let us know @emmanuel that would be great as better user experience is worth the upgrade.

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All plans except dedicated share the same hardware. We may offer some ability to buy capacity at some point but right now it’s similar.

On the other hand, dedicated are only for your apps. So the performance won’t be affected by other users (if they run a query that consumes a lot of CPU, etc.) so we while i cannot say it’s much faster, it’s more consistent, and more consistent on the faster side of things (compared to the shared cluster).

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Out of curiosity, when you do this test, is it fairly consistent across pages in your app / consistent across apps you’ve built?

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Could you please clarify whether the “Dedicated” plan would work noticeably faster than other “shared” plans?

Thank you.

Often, yes, but tt really depends on your app, so if you email us a link to the editor we can have a look.

Thank you for such a promt response.

Could you give me a hint where do I find the link to the editor?

The main concern I have is reletvly slow load of repeating groups and repeating groups within them (only 2 levels). Would you say the as increase the use of my app, the performance will get worse? Or would you say that your “central” server is unlikely to be effected by a single app?

A link to the editor is the URL of the browser when you’re editing your app.

Hi @emmanuel

I’m experiencing speed issues too. I have an app with a repeating group that loads 36 items and it takes a while to load. I’ve reduced plugins to the bare minimum too.

After downloading my webpage I saw that these files were taking up about 2.4MB

  • xfalse(2) 1.55Mb
  • english 515Kb
  • 200Kb
  • xfalse(1) 115Kb
  • 0F7S7QWJ0Ac (Some weird facebook related thing) 42.6Kb
  • 29.3Kb (This is Google analytics I believe) Perhaps I can just remove this plugin and add the code instead.

It seems to me that this speed/loading issue is a big problem for everyone. Allowing users get more power or performance boost should be top of the list for you guys IMO.

Some answers on those files will be appreciated too.


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