The app is loading SO slow on Professional plan

@Bubble Hey guys,

Thank you for this awesome platform!
I really enjoy being here. I’ve even upgraded to professional to benefit from some features, including faster speeds on the app.
I know that you might say that it’s poorly optimized, and still I think it’s loading very very slow even for that (if it’s the case).
Can you please help me, we can investigate this together.

Best Regards,

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I’m willing to pay for a dedicated server that I chose, you will have root login only. You can clone to with only my app from this server cloned there.
I will only have access to my app as I have here. And I will be paying for that dedicated server + the fee that I am paying here of course.

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what kind of loading times you getting? also what is the composition of the content?

doesn’t really matter, EVERY page it loads SO slow, not even talking about the editor how slow it loads.
But the pages, every damn page is so slow… facebook with all that content is loading way faster.
This is really unacceptable. At first I said okay, it’s the free plan, it’s understandable, there is a huge wave of new customers on free plan.
Then it became unusable, upgraded to professional, things improved a bit, but I have like 7-10 seconds to load a page that indeed needs to perform some database searches, but even the text, a simple text, loads last… I mean WTF.

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Have you looked at your server capacity? Do you have any additional units? Is your app maxing out at all?

Although I must say that even with all these optimisations, the app is generally still slow compared to other web apps.

I think the only solution here is to kickstart offline support

I don’t know if it would be the best, but the fastest would be to export your app from bubble, with source code encrypted… and you app must communicate with bubble even if you break that encryption and see the source code you can’t activate another app unless you pay for it and bubble main server will approve it via some key or other auth type.
This way you can host it wherever you like, set workflows to how fast you want them and so on…
So an on premise solution.


@emmanuel This is a good idea here. That way, “power users” can gain control over performance and Bubble can still protect their IP/USP.

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