Application slow - Performance Warning

Hello all @neerja,

I’ve got a problem with my application.

I have trouble with the speed of my app. My database is light, I have 20 plugins and 20 API in API connectors, something like 20 pages and I am on the 16$/ month plan.

When users navigate on my app, the page makes around 5 seconds to be charged. I only have two repeating groups and no images on this page

Why is it so slow ? How can I fix it ?


Hey, welcome to bubble, one thing I can tell you is that with that many plugins it is bound to take a while to load depending on how large the plugins are. I always try to use as the least amount of plugins necessary.

Try removing any unnecessary plugins if possible.

@alexandre_02 See if you have a “this app could be x seconds faster with more capacity” message. Personal plan apps don’t get reserved capacity so searches and plugins as @J805 said can make your page slower. You can try boost for free to see how your app would function with more capacity

@J805 thanks for the tips, I ve deleted lot’s plugin but it still slow !

@neerja Yes I’ve have this message “Your application could have been 14 seconds faster since page load with more capacity. You add more capacity in the Settings Tab of the Editor.” But I don’t know why because I did not think I would use the full capacity.
I suspect something running in the backend…

@alexandre_02 You can drill down on activities using the most capacity from Logs > usage > pie chart and optimize further

I’ve checked it, and in “page load metrics” my page load in about 12,000 ms.
And I’ve created a white page for test, it’s take 8,000 ms to have a “render complete”.
The loading time is ok ?

Thanks for your quick answer

Hello all @neerja,

I found the problem. I had lot API on API Connector. I have suppress most of them, now the app runs much more faster !

Thanks for your help



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