How to integrate Javascript SDK (shopping list widget)

Hello everyone,

I’ve built the basis for my meal planning app., which you can check out here:

Now, I’d like users to be able to add the ingredients from the recipes they’ve chosen to their shopping basket and then checkout with their favourite supermarket. I’ve found a shopping list widget, which I think can provide the shopping list functionality and integration with the supermarkets, see it here:

My guess is that this will require a plugin, however, my Javascript and coding skills are zero.

I’d like to pay for your time as a consultant to help figure out a solution. Ideally, I’d then like to implement myself so I can learn how to do it.

If you’re interested, please have a look at the integration process FAQs and JS SDK overview (see links below) and let me know your initial ideas, proposal and any relevant experience.

Aiming to do this next week if possible.



Integration process FAQs:

Javascript SDK (solution proposed by Whisk team):


Hi @liam.sean.smith

I can help. PM sent.


Interesting app idea.

Some feedback … when I selected 4 meals, it created a list of:
Lamb kofta flatbreads
Comforting sausage bake
Comforting sausage bake
Baked saffron rice

Perhaps you might look at using randomness a different way, to avoid the above sausagefest? An example would be to search for recipes/ingredient sets, sort in a random order, then pick the first four.

The whisk SDK looks interesting, I don’t often see a function queue as part of an API.

I take it there is a level of UX that isn’t implemented yet, that bridges the listing of ingredient sets with a shopping experience?

Good luck!

Haha, thanks Mishav.

As much as I like sausages, the randomness is there (here’s what I did), the issue is that there are only four recipes in the DB to fit each of the possible searches hence there are likely to be duplicates. Plan is to add more recipes before finalising.

From a UX perspective, yep you’re right. I’m expecting I’ll replace the Send meal plan button with a Shop ingredients (or similar) button, which will bring up the Whisk shopping list with the list of recipes and ingredients. Just need to figure out how to implement this, ideally through one of their free plans (widget or SDK, rather than their paid API).


Hi Liam,

Sounds like an interesting project.
(Anything related to food usually is :wink:)

Anyhow this is something that is well within my area of expertise and I would be keen on helping you get the Whisk platform integrated into your Bubble application.
You can reach me on [email protected]

Best Wishes,

Hi Liam,

Worked on exactly this recently. Have sent you a PM.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Hello sir,

I have 8 years of industrial experience and now i move to bubble since 2 years. I can do this job with very reasonable price. Please check my PM. Please add me on Skype we will discuss further my Skype is [email protected]

Amit desai