How to integrate multiple calendars into one for booking?

I want each of my staff to have their own calendar and all their calendars to sync into only one that the customer will see. For example, I ran a massage place and had 10 masseuses, 10 people should be able to book a slot at 8PM. The current calendar methods I’ve been seeing only allow 1 slot per timeslot. How do I go about this?

I think this functionality is available on Zoho Bookings, and while it can integrate with Bubble, it won’t work with the two-sided marketplace I want to build.

Not sure which ones you are looking at, but this is a database structure issue and a development issue related to the booking.

Add a data field on the event type and make that field a number that is max bookings per slot. Then need to structure the booking and time slot generation to allow for multiple bookings in a single slot, which the complicated nature of it goes beyond a simple answer, but it can be done and has been done.

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Alright, will look into it. Thank you @boston85719!