Scheduling Bookings For Multiple Users with Timeslots (Too Much Data?)

Hey guys,

I’m having a bit of a struggle setting up the database for this.

The app I’m helping build has instructors and students who need to be able to book appointments for live classes.

-Each instructor has his own calendar, and students can view 15-minute timeslots for when the instructor is available.
-I also want the instructor to be able to set up a custom default Sunday-Saturdays
-It needs to have a consistent time across multiple timezones.

I was thinking about setting up 30 days of timeslots (dates, not numbers) for each instructor, but that would take up a lot of data (24 hours x 4 [15-minute timeslots] x 30 days) = 2,880 timeslots per instructor just for one month.

As each day passes, 24 hours of timeslots is deleted and another 24 hours of timeslots is created based on the instructor’s default day of week.

Here’s a flow of what I was brainstorming for the instructor calendar setup:


I’m thinking I have to use dates for international timezone consistency, but is there another way I can create timeslots that are consistent across all the different timezones? The main problem is that I don’t think Bubble will be able to handle all that data if I have it saved as dates. Is there an API calendar that can create appointments for multiple instructors?

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

I think this might be what you are looking for. It looks like Calendly uses this. Check it out: Calendar Scheduler - Real Time Scheduling Solutions

I would be interested in trying to figure out how this works too. I wonder if anyone can make a plugin for this. That would be amazing.

Want to learn more?


Hope that helps! :blush:


Thanks for sharing! I’m taking a look at it, this might just be what we were looking for!

@Boost maybe this can help you get started: [Tips] Let Users setup their daily availabilities

In case you’re wondering, the calendar and all features you’re referring to are do-able within Bubble. Let me know if you need more help


Hi @ambroisedlg😊
I was just wondering - if i would like to have user set their availability by the week days that they are available and the time slots on these days as well, how would you do that? As the days are note a specific date but like “opening hours”?

Hey @peter11

Have a look at the post and demo I included in my previous post, I think it does exactly what you’re looking for!


@ambroisedlg I did, but i cant see how you define it without a date…? eg. Opening hours of a store - it has no start date and end date

@peter11 each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc) is represented by a number (1, 2, 3, etc).

Each day has its own opening and closing hours, meaning that the opening hours and closing hours for Monday will be the same for all other Mondays - you therefore don’t need to link an Opening Hour to a date, but to a number.

If you follow the data structure in the editor and the instructions in the post you should be able to make it work


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If you want to provide users an ability to create multiple time ranges per day, like 9AM-12PM and 2PM - 5PM and want to provide the ability to set custom availability based on a specific date for holidays etc. you should check out my template recently launched.

It uses dates to store the data, so you can tell if a user is available not just on Mondays but specific Mondays according to date and is timezone aware, so users in LA making a booking for a user in Hong Kong will see the available time slots in their timezone of LA, so if adjusted for use of store opening hours, could see if the store is open at that current time of viewing like “open now or closes in 12 minutes”.

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@boston85719 Thx, I have had a look at it several times and its hard for me to see if I can customize it to fit my platform. I also need a system that can collaborate with eg. google calender.

The demo page doesn’t function 100%, if you have time for a online demo i’d be happy to join :wink:

What functions on the demo page are you experiencing not working?

What exactly is your platform in need of in terms of scheduling that causes you to believe it would not be possible to customize to fit?

If an integration with google calendar is needed than that is completely possible with this template.

@boston85719 thanks for getting back. I’m building a platform that needs a function for users to book appointments at the physiotherapist, chiropractor and etc. (let’s call them subcontractors)

  • The user needs to see the availability and their available slots.
  • The user needs to have the ability to book a session (a session/treatment that was created by the subcontractor that’s already in my platform)
  • The system needs to calculate available time after timeslots are taken (timeslot are different from session to session)
    This should be possible with your template as far as I see,

I also need to have the ability to set up a search for an available time slot across all subcontractors/type sorted subcontractors.

As subcontractor can have multiple employees with their own calendar, their own expertise field, and own session types, I need to have this set up aswell.

I need to have the ability to customize the design and layout and implement the template to my platform. I haven’t been working with templates before so don’t know the possiblitityes and the limits, what you can see of workflows etc. and what not.

Best regards Peter

@boston85719 and is it possible to customize the language?

This is possible, although it would take some customization to do. I did a coaching session with a user who purchased the template to use as an in-house scheduling feature for a spa and needed the same ability.

This is possible, but again requires customization. It would require a need to change the database structure concerning Users to enable a subcontractor to have multiple employees.

This is possible. Every template can be customized in this way. Just requires the time to make those changes.

When you purchase a template you can see all workflows, all data types and fields etc. just as if you created an app from scratch on your own. And just like an app you create from scratch on your own, you have complete control to make changes and edits to anything, including styles of elements and page layout, UX etc.

Yes, Bubble provides the ability to translate applications using the languages tab in the settings tab of the application.

@boston85719 I will give it a shot :slight_smile: How do I implement it onto my other app?