How to Integrate Stripe Checkout Client-only Quickstart?

I want to use Stripe Checkout Client-only Quickstart to allow users to make payments. Is there a guide video to integrate this?

I dont like the popup rather I want to use the page redirect to make it compliant with europe rules.

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Great I will check the video tonight. I fast forwarded the video and saw it’s about making the payment available within the site but I would like to redirect to Stripe Checkout with this solution. or The Payment Intents API | Stripe Documentation

see demo here:

Guide: Stripe Checkout | Stripe Documentation

We’ve released a new version of Checkout in public beta. Checkout is now Stripe-hosted and supports card payments, Apple Pay, and dynamic 3D Secure out of the box. To learn more, please refer to the documentation.

Because of new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation going into effect in Europe in September 2019, we recommend that all European businesses start building their Stripe integrations with either our PaymentIntents API or our new Checkout to be ready for these rule changes.

You can use Checkout without using the Stripe API on your server. This makes it ideal for conventional websites or standalone front-end applications. It’s the fastest way to start accepting payments with Stripe.

Hey @nocodeventure,

Thank you soooo much for this post! It has brought the whole SCA topic to my attention and made me realise I need to switch over my stripe implementation to support SCA over the next few months… and consider the stripe hosted checkout too.

It would be great to stay in touch on getting it all going!

Are you based in the UK? I am… down in Cornwall.

Best wishes,

Hello there @nocodeventure…

I am close to needing to integrate Stripe Checkout (with the SCA deadline looming), and I’m wondering if you had any success with your integration…

… it would be really great to hear an update of which direction you have taken and the reasons why!

Best wishes,

Hi Antony,

I really expect Bubble to come up with a solution as this is very important for European clients. So I wouldn’t do anything by yourself. Stripe.js might come with an update what I’ve heard.

@neerja Do you expect to update this soon?

Man. Be patient. They’re working on it. If they say they are, they probably are, and you’re not helping by demanding.

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Calm down. Asking a question is not the same as demanding. You might call me a spammer but that’s entirely a different discussion.

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