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How to Integrate Stripe Payments Course : Definitive Guide to Monetizing your Application via Stripe API

Thanks for pointing out subscription schedules API. I haven’t thought about it. I finally make it work with Create Subscriptions by adding “cancel_at” as one of the parameters using Bubble API Connector. I might check out your course later on. :100:

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Hello @boston85719

I am using the Stripe plugin made by Bubble to connect my users stripe account to mine and take a fee on their transactions using Stripe Connect.

It works well.

However, I want to allow my user to create their own subscription directly from my platform and not set it up first in their Stripe account and then on my platform which is not possible with the Stripe plugin made by Bubble.

On your course, I see that you cover subscription.
Can I still use my current set-up and use what you teach only for the subscription part ? Or would I need to only use APIs and redo everything ?

I honestly am not sure. I have never attempted to use the Bubble plugin for part of my setup, so I have no first hand experience to know if there would be an issue or not.

I am looking forward to taking your course, however I have a couple questions before that. Do you use a different plugin from the Bubble default one, or do you use only API calls? Do you cover on the course how to allow users to pay with other payment methods different from CC? Also, do you explain how to register users as sellers in order to make them the payee of the transaction?

Hi @raketenstart thanks for your interest in the course and reaching out for more information.

To first question, it is all APIs, no plugins.

About other payment methods, this is covered in brief as it is simply a setting in Stripe and they handle it based on the setting and your locations payment options.

And yes, cover how to register sellers.

Hello @boston85719,

I’m super interested in this as I haven’t been able to find a Stripe plugin that does everything I need and is solid enough to trust. I initially thought Stripe.js 2 plugin had it all but it turns out that it is quite buggy once you dig in.

Anyway, one question before I buy the course… Does this course cover how to initialize a Stripe Element (like the one Stripe.js 2 uses?) I like the UI and built-in SCA that using a Stripe-hosted element comes with.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @phdom

Thanks for your interest in the course and reaching out for more information.

The course does not cover how to create and use Stripe Elements using javascript. Instead the course focuses on using the API for using Stripe Connect.

It does go through the Stripe dashboard where you can add your own branding to the Stripe Hosted Checkout Page. The course is set on using best practices as it relates to not finding yourself in a sticky legal/financial situation by not having a robust data and privacy protection needed for storing financial details such as credit card etc. and to take advantage of the fact that Stripe can handle all of that for you.