How to invite other users to leave a review?

I’m wondering what would be the best way to build a system in my app whereby a user can send a unique (to him) link to other people, and when someone visits the app via that link, they can leave a review for that person.

i.e. I only want invited users to be able to leave a review for other users.

Any suggestions for how best to build that?

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This should be simple enough to do…

There are a few ways I can think of off the top of my head, depending exactly on how you have things set up etc…

One way would be to have a review page with a content type of User, then either use a slug or unique ID to create the link to the page (the page’s User being the User the review is being left for).

When a User invites another User to leave them a review you could create an ‘Invite’ entry in the database, connecting the ‘Inviter’ to the ‘Invitee’.

Then on the page, check to see if the current User is an invitee of the page’s User, and if not then redirect them away from the page (or hide certain content), and if so let them leave the review.

Of course you could do the same thing with query parameters instead of using a content type on the page - the parameter could contain the unique ID of the Invite datatype, then your on-page content and conditionals could refer to the Invite from the URL.

No doubt there are other ways to approach it, but if it were me those are the kinds of things I’d be looking into.

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Thanks @adamhholmes but I think your suggestion might not work as the person being invited is unlikely to be a User on my app already. I kinda want them to be able to leave a review, without necessarily signing up.

So what I have gone down is, creating a unique invite code for each user on the app, and then giving them the option to copy and paste a URL, which adds that invite code to a URL parameter.

If someone arrived with a URL that contains the URL parameter that matches that user’s invite code, then they would be able to leave a review. Otherwise they would not even see the “leave review” option.

A question would be, how do I mark a user as being able to leave a review, if the navigate away from that page? i.e. they click on the link with the URL parameter, then are curious about the rest of the site so first of all visit that so lose the URL parameter. I would assume the normal way to do this would be to mark that visitor with a cookie, which says which invite code they arrived with, but is that even possible with Bubble.

Maybe there is some other way?

maybe this: Learn how to setup Browser Cookies for your Bubble Application using our Plugin - YouTube

Logically I think generating a unique text code to invitee, then he can use the code to access the “leave a review” feature (enabling the “leave a review” area only when someone has inputted the codes correct, otherwise disable the area). Maybe the unique text code can be stored database for verification? Not sure will this work, but just share my thought on it.

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