NEED HELP! Trying to get user information passed through email for reviews

Hello! I am stuck on an issue that I cannot figure out how to work around.

Currently, my app has a review system where after a client picks a person to work with they get an email a few days later asking to review them after they work with their person. I have set up a workflow in Bubble with an API that delivers the email after they hit a button within my app.

The email itself contains hyperlinks to the review page where they can leave a review for the person they worked with. The issue is I cannot figure out how to send the user information through the email so that when they click on that hyperlink in the email they are leaving a review for the person that they worked with. I will attach screenshots below.

This is the workflow to send the email.

This is the API I set up in bubble to actually include the email.

This is the review page. As you can see it is missing the person to set the review for.

This is the actual email.

My question is how do I set the person for the page after the user clicks the hyperlink?

Thanks for the help. I hope that I described my issue well enough for everyone to understand. If not, then please let me know and I will be happy to elaborate. Also, if there are better ideas on how to handle reviews then please let me know. Again, thank you!

Hello @jcjohnson9898

Various ways to do this. One is to send a url link in the email body that includes a parameter with the unique id of the review to be done. And on the review page to have it read that parameter.

Explore how url parameters work. Here is a video that walks you through a case of sending a user’s unique id via url parameter. The same can be done for any other object (… in Bubblish … “data type”) like a review.

@cmarchan Thanks for the help. I am still a little confused on how to do this through an email. I get setting up the url with the parameters but how do I define that through email since the user will be reviewing a different user from themselves?

I think it shoud also be noted that in my database Reviews are seperate from users. Not sure if that has any effect on my app. But I would ideally like a person to be able to click a link through their email and be able to give a review on another person they have worked with.

Feel free to check out my app if you need to: Testerappfortesters | Bubble Editor

Thanks so much for the help.

Hi @jcjohnson9898!

Your database setup is correct. :+1:

What you have to do is, in your workflow, in a step before you send the e-mail, you need to CREATE a new Review. The Review will be empty, you will fill just the User and the Reviewer. Now you can get the Unique_id of this review in the next steps of your workflow to compose the entire URL.

That will be something like this:

I already saw that your review_page is with the correct data type, so you should be able to access the information of this review anywhere in your page :wink:

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